Annual Meeting (Elections) Cancelled

Yesterday, we were supposed to have our annual meeting but it was cancelled by our President and our Lawyer because they said that not enough people voted. We were not able to confirm this as the meeting was over zoom, our lawyer was hosting the meeting and he claimed that he was having issues with the camera. We requested to be able to witness the count and verify the ballots received but we were denied that request. We also requested to have the meeting at the pool area of the cove II and that was also denied. Based on the numbers that they shared and the count that we were tracking, more than 80% of the owners voted against our current president and still, she managed to find a way to make sure that we don’t have elections and continue.

Here is the recording that we managed to capture about what happened:

If you cannot see the video on your browser, download it and play it locally from your computer:

3 replies on “Annual Meeting (Elections) Cancelled”

Board Elections Keeping Them Fair and Transparent – Did Not Happen On March 24, 2021

I am appealing to Home Owners please stand with us and demand fairness and transparency. Your Voice Matters! Lynette B

As far as I’m concerned they deliberately prevented voting from being totally fair in the time frame given to return votes. I voted for you all, and not for the current members, so was this a fair election?

There was not even an election. We could not even see the ballots received. GRS’s lawyer did not even want to display his camera. We asked to do the meeting in the pool area and GRS and Sharda Parahoo declined.