Save 4USD/Month By avoiding

This week, I filled a form that GRS calls “Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization” which allows GRS to deduct the monthly COA fees automatically directly from my bank account.

Before, I was paying directly through GRS’s website which redirected me to their cincwebaxis platform and I noticed that every month, I was getting a 3.99USD charge showing as ORIG CO NAME:ACCT INTEGRATORS ORIG when they deducted the maintenance fee of my unit.

Here is what you need to do to avoid the 3.99USD monthly fee:

Download and fill in the ACH-HOA-Deduction form:

Save it as a pdf and include a voided check from where the community will deduct the monthly maintenance fee.

Send it to Farhana Mia (

Finally, login to and remove the automated payment.

This will also update the COA monthly fee if the board decide to increase it or decrease it, that way you know that it will always be paid in full.


Swat/Cops after tenant of 3501 Briar Bay Blvd Unit 203

Today a lot of you might have noticed lots of cops around. Today, around 8am a lady was admitted in St Mary’s hospital because of a gun shot. It seems like tenants from 3501 Briar Bay Blvd, Unit 203 were responsible for this incident. We need to be on the lookout and notify any unusual behavior to maintain our community safe. Here is a link to the local news:

if possible, notify our property manager (Darcel Dookwah)

as well as the master association
requesting the revocation of the right to be in our community to that tenant in our community
3501 Briar Bay Blvd Unit 203

Help us make our community safer!


Annual Meeting (Elections) Cancelled

Yesterday, we were supposed to have our annual meeting but it was cancelled by our President and our Lawyer because they said that not enough people voted. We were not able to confirm this as the meeting was over zoom, our lawyer was hosting the meeting and he claimed that he was having issues with the camera. We requested to be able to witness the count and verify the ballots received but we were denied that request. We also requested to have the meeting at the pool area of the cove II and that was also denied. Based on the numbers that they shared and the count that we were tracking, more than 80% of the owners voted against our current president and still, she managed to find a way to make sure that we don’t have elections and continue.

Here is the recording that we managed to capture about what happened:

If you cannot see the video on your browser, download it and play it locally from your computer:


Letter to Owners/Tenants


Elvis Espinal

March 15, 2021

Owners/Tenants of the Cove The Cove At Briar Bay

Dear Owners/Tenants,

I hope that everything is good with you, your family and work. All of you should’ve received the ballot for directors, here are the ones that I will vote for:

  • Baijnath, Lynette
  • Espinal, Elvis
  • Hoyos, Jorge
  • Seraphin, Linda
  • Summer, Alicia

Help us lower our dues. We are currently spending 30k in legal expense when we don’t have any legal litigation, that money is returned but still owners are paying for it every year. We are spending about 14.8k (11.5k+3.3k on 2020) on office expenses/ rental when we have units available for our administration. We are spending 118k in insurance because the current board use the insurance for things that cost less than our deductible. We are spending 42.7k in maintenance and you continue to complain about improper maintenance. We are spending 78.3k (48.3k+30k) in Landscape. We are spending 94.1k (57.8k + 36.3k) in emergency repairs that even board members are not aware of and finally, it seems as if this year, we will also spend another 51.2k in (40k, 1.2k and 10k) in security/parking enforcement which is only putting tickets on owners, tenants and their guest that can park legally in the community.

There is a transparency problem and when owners/directors question anything, they are responded in an inappropriate way. Help us change this by not having a hand picked board by a single person, instead, lets have a board picked by all owners.

Sincerely yours,

Elvis Espinal


Elvis Espinal


Dueños/Inquilinos del Cove The Cove At Briar Bay

Queridos Dueños/Inquilinos,

Espero que todo este bien con ustedes, su familia y el trabajo. Todos deben de haber recibido la boleta para escoger sus directores, aquí les mando por los que votare:

  • Baijnath, Lynette
  • Espinal, Elvis
  • Hoyos, Jorge
  • Seraphin, Linda
  • Summer, Alicia

Ayúdanos a reducir nuestras mensualidades. Estamos gastando 30k en gastos legales cuando no tenemos litigaciones, ese dinero se regresa pero aun lo pagamos cada año. Estamos gastando 14.8k en gastos/renta de oficinas cuando tenemos unidades que podemos usar para la administración. Estamos gastando 118k en seguro porque el board actual usa el seguro para cosas que cuestan menos que el deducible. Estamos gastando 42.7k en mantenimiento y ustedes continuan quejándose de este. Estamos gastando 78.3k en jardinera. Estamos gastando 94.1k en reparaciones de emergencia que ni los directores conocen y finalmente, parece ser que este año gastaremos otros 51.2k en seguridad/enforce de parqueo los cuales solo ponen ticket a los dueños, inquilinos y sus invitados que se pueden parquear legalmente en la comunidad. Hay un problema de transparencia y cuando los dueños/directores cuestionan algo, la respuesta en ocaciones no es la mas apropiada.

Ayúdanos a cambiar esto evitando un board seleccionado por una persona, vamos a seleccionar un board seleccionado por todos los dueños. Las notificaciones de la asociación también deben de llegar en español y no solo en ingles.

Sinceramente suyos,

Elvis Espinal


Did you receive your ballot?

Here are the candidates that we recommend you to vote to make sure that we have a change for good, we avoid a hand picked board by a single person and together, continue improving our community.


Annual Meeting

Our annual meeting has been scheduled for March 24th, 2021 at 6:30pm. As soon as we have the meeting details we will share them with all owners via email.

Here is the link to the letter that all owner should’ve received on their mailboxes.

On it you will find the annual meeting letter, the form to be included on the ballot as well as a word document that you can use to fill in the information in your computer/phone.


By Laws

Some of you have requested the by laws of our community. Here is the document as a pdf with images not text. This don’t let us use search functionality of text editors but I also started transcribing it (I am working with the first 50 pages). Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I also enabled an upload folder that anybody can use to share any transcription that they do.


Things that owners need to know for 2021’s budget

On September 23rd we had a meeting to go through the 2021 budget but I didn’t have the impression that the members that went through it were prepared to discuss it. The purpose of this article is to do an assessment of it focusing on the most important expenses which are:

  • Water, Sewer and Trash 425407.50 + 3000 for extra pickups of trash which represent 43.47% of the annual budget.
  • GRS Management 81,866.46 + 41,200 or 123,066.46 USD which represent 12.49% of the annual budget.
  • Insurance 120,750.00 USD which represent 12.25% of the annual budget.
  • Building Repairs, Common Area Repairs and Common Area Supplies 30000 + 15000 + 5000 or 50k USD which represent 5.07% of the annual budget.
  • Common Area Landscape 40,000 + 8000 or 48k USD which represent 4.87% of the annual budget.
  • Legal Fees and Bad Debts 20000 + 15000 or 35k USD which represent 3.55% of the annual budget.
  • Pool Maintenance/Repair/Chemicals 10740 + 3000 or 13740 USD which represent 1.39% of the annual budget.
  • Gate Maintenance / Key Cards 11200 USD which represent 1.14% of the annual budget.

In these items we are covering 84.23% of the total budget presented for 2021.

1st. Looking at the biggest expense Water, Sewer and Trash 425407.50 and analyzing what we spent this year, we can appreciate the following:

This year, the month of February was the only month that we did not exceed the budget allocated for this expense. Here are the numbers:

As you can see, as of today we have a deficit of about 18.5k USD only in Water, Sewer and Trash. Please note that this does not include extra trash pickups because for some reason, its tracked on a separate registry. Looking at this expense in more details, we have the following:

For the last statement (September 2020), we can see that 22.79% of this expense was on water consumption from The Cove I, 21.24% of this statement was spent on Wastewater for The Cove I and 16.34% + 15.27% was spent respectively on the same categories for The Cove II.

On the last line we see the average spent this year which is 36,082.32 and if we multiply that average by 12 month, we get 432,987.84 as opposed to the 425407.50 presented during the meeting. Most-likely the forecast for next year might fall short which will allow the president reallocate funds without involving the board.

2nd Looking at the second expense we see that GRS will charge us 123,066.46 USD for 2021 and a proposal received by an alternative supplier brings the Management of the HOA using a supplier to 131,294 USD or 6.69% more than what GRS is charging us. As owner are not satisfied with the results of GRS, I proposed that we present the alternative during the budget meeting but if you joined the meeting, you saw that I was not allowed to talk and the items that I requested to be included were not even presented which is what I am showing in this post.

3rd Looking at the third expense, we see that in insurance we will now pay 120k/year as opposed to 105k quoted in 2020. I propose that we do the same thing that we did last year when Insurance increased from somewhere around 78k to 100k+, go out to the market and try to get insurance from another provider. From previous years, we can see that the insurance expense have increased about 54.81% over the last few years. This is due to the fact that there was a fire in one of the dumpster areas and the board decided to report it to the insurance (Which is why we are now spending drastically more in annual insurance costs). There was also an accident that the Master Association was supposed to cover in their insurance which involved the outer fence of the property but the board at that moment also submitted the claim to our insurance.

4th Looking at the fourth biggest expense or Building Repairs, Common Area Repairs and Common Area Supplies, we can see that we are allocating 50k to this but nobody cover what repairs are still pending and what repairs will be completed next year. This is another gray area that the board did not properly cover during our budget meeting.

5th Looking at the fifth biggest expense or Common Area Landscape, we can see that they are allocating 48k but we did not hear an update of what was done in 2020 with this budget and why is still needed for 2021. My expectation is that some of the maintenance to keep the HOA clean could be delegated to the current maintenance personnel or we can add an additional personnel so we can have the property cleaned in a better way.

6th Looking at Legal Fees and Bad Debts, this is an item of collecting dues from units not paying. This also cover the time that our president spend with the lawyers talking about things that the rest of the board is not fully aware. It is my understanding that collection should also include legal fees which are then reimbursed once the lean on the unit is put in place and/or when the unit is sold or re acquired by the bank. Owners should not have to pay for these expenses and instead, the budget should reuse the funds collected this year to avoid having the owner continue paying for legal services that they already paid and the HOA received the reimbursement of those expenses. This is an item that I understand should be minimized even further or removed completely from 2021’s budget.

7th Looking at the seventh biggest expense or Pool Maintenance/Repair/Chemicals, it seems like a licensed person should be taking care of this. I once saw what this company do and they only refill the chemicals and check that the levels are fine. I understand that we could require our maintenance personnel to obtain this license within the first 3 months of the year and increase their salary by 10 % (about 4.1k/year) so they do it as part of their responsibilities with the association. This is going to help us save about 6k in annual expense for pool maintenance for both pools.

8th Finally, looking at the eight biggest expense or Gate Maintenance / Key Cards, we see that this is misleading because there is no key card needed in the cove which makes me question this registry on every meeting. Assuming that this is to get the barcodes for owners to enter the property, the HOA is also charging owners 25 USD every time that they need the barcode. The 1200usd/year purchasing Key Cards must be removed because owners are already paying 25 usd/barcode. Owners should not have to spend this amount of money annually if we are charing owners for every request. In relationship to the Gate Maintenance, on 2020 we spent around 25k on Gate/Camera but cameras were never operational. I took the lead to fix them and that allowed us to reduce this expense by around 50% in 2020. The majority of Gate fixes was to replace the bar that people hit while entering the property. Some owners started replacing it to avoid the expense as well as our the maintenance personnel that we are also paying for. The company did not agree to let us document how to maintain this and I requested the termination of their contract but for some unknown reason, the president do not want to terminate their contract. The company in question is Gate Entry Solution. This is another expense that we should minimize or get rid of on 2021.

Does this information help you have a better perspective of 2021’s budget? Feel free to comment and let us know what can we do to help.

BONUS: In relationship to the pool, this year we allocated 40k to security, we revoked their contract around March 2020 because we could not appreciate the value added (Recognition for this savings goes to one of the director suspended during the Budget meeting on Wednesday) which left about 31k on 2020’s budget. I explained that the pool is the only amenity that the community has to offer to owners and with the money saved on security, we could’ve hired personnel to enforce the 6ft distance or 50% capacity. As the board represent the owners, it is their duty to do what they can to let owners enjoy our common areas/amenities and the fact that our President and the other board member (not suspended) decided not to do what the board can to open it even when owners are demanding it made me question even more what is the current board actually representing, the management company or owners of our community.


What was learned on our 2021 budget meeting.

Today we had our 2021 budget meeting and we learned some interesting facts. This is what we heard:

  • A letter from owner is circulating and being signed asking our president to step down from the board of the association.
  • Board members that listened all owner’s inquiries where suspended to make sure that they don’t bring the concerns of owners to the meeting using the excuse of not having the board certification.
  • The president appointed another board member without a quorum.
  • The president of the board has been part of it since 2007 (13 years).
  • The Florida laws allow board members to be part of it for a maximum of 8 years.
  • The president of the board does not live in the association. Now we know why our association looks the way it is.
  • 40k in security are no longer needed but magically the budget was adjusted to make sure that our dues do not decrease.
  • The only thing that the association has to offer is the pool but the president don’t agree to do what we can to open it. (It does make sense because she don’t even live here)
  • The president can spend 150 – 450usd from the community inviting the lawyer of our management company at her discretion.
  • A letter being signed from owner asking the president to step down is being signed by all owners. The president made sure that it was not discussed during the meeting.
  • Owners interested in joining the board are blocked if they are not liked by the president even if thats their right.
  • 2021 budget was approved without any board member question it.
  • The following items presented by a board member where intentionally excluded from today’s meeting:
    • Remove the ability from the president to reallocate fundings without the knowledge/review/discussion or approval of the majority of the board.
    • Make a motion to update our bylaws to only allow owners living on premises to join the board.
    • Appoint a new board member as we have an empty seat.
    • Encourage owners/board members to get more involved. Go through the water leak issue reported by Candace last night.
    • Recognize accomplishments by individual/owners about improvements done over the last 12 month.
    • Delegate or talk about responsibilities of each board member.
    • Limit contracts with management companies to a maximum of 2 consecutive years.
    • Explore what other management companies offer
    • List responsibilities of GRS Management and Maintenance personnel.
    • Talk about how the board is currently evaluating how well our management company is doing it.

Terms of Directors

Did you know that Directors are limited to a maximum of 4 terms on HOAs or a max of 8 years? Express your desire to join the board, if nobody show interest, members gets re elected without any voting.

“A board member may not serve more than 8 consecutive years unless approved by an affirmative vote of unit owners representing two-thirds of all votes cast in the election or unless there are not enough eligible candidates to fill the vacancies on the board at the time of the vacancy.”

To read the fill article, please refer to the following link: