Save 4USD/Month By avoiding

This week, I filled a form that GRS calls “Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization” which allows GRS to deduct the monthly COA fees automatically directly from my bank account.

Before, I was paying directly through GRS’s website which redirected me to their cincwebaxis platform and I noticed that every month, I was getting a 3.99USD charge showing as ORIG CO NAME:ACCT INTEGRATORS ORIG when they deducted the maintenance fee of my unit.

Here is what you need to do to avoid the 3.99USD monthly fee:

Download and fill in the ACH-HOA-Deduction form:

Save it as a pdf and include a voided check from where the community will deduct the monthly maintenance fee.

Send it to Farhana Mia (

Finally, login to and remove the automated payment.

This will also update the COA monthly fee if the board decide to increase it or decrease it, that way you know that it will always be paid in full.