What was learned on our 2021 budget meeting.

Today we had our 2021 budget meeting and we learned some interesting facts. This is what we heard:

  • A letter from owner is circulating and being signed asking our president to step down from the board of the association.
  • Board members that listened all owner’s inquiries where suspended to make sure that they don’t bring the concerns of owners to the meeting using the excuse of not having the board certification.
  • The president appointed another board member without a quorum.
  • The president of the board has been part of it since 2007 (13 years).
  • The Florida laws allow board members to be part of it for a maximum of 8 years.
  • The president of the board does not live in the association. Now we know why our association looks the way it is.
  • 40k in security are no longer needed but magically the budget was adjusted to make sure that our dues do not decrease.
  • The only thing that the association has to offer is the pool but the president don’t agree to do what we can to open it. (It does make sense because she don’t even live here)
  • The president can spend 150 – 450usd from the community inviting the lawyer of our management company at her discretion.
  • A letter being signed from owner asking the president to step down is being signed by all owners. The president made sure that it was not discussed during the meeting.
  • Owners interested in joining the board are blocked if they are not liked by the president even if thats their right.
  • 2021 budget was approved without any board member question it.
  • The following items presented by a board member where intentionally excluded from today’s meeting:
    • Remove the ability from the president to reallocate fundings without the knowledge/review/discussion or approval of the majority of the board.
    • Make a motion to update our bylaws to only allow owners living on premises to join the board.
    • Appoint a new board member as we have an empty seat.
    • Encourage owners/board members to get more involved. Go through the water leak issue reported by Candace last night.
    • Recognize accomplishments by individual/owners about improvements done over the last 12 month.
    • Delegate or talk about responsibilities of each board member.
    • Limit contracts with management companies to a maximum of 2 consecutive years.
    • Explore what other management companies offer
    • List responsibilities of GRS Management and Maintenance personnel.
    • Talk about how the board is currently evaluating how well our management company is doing it.